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Getting handle on writing styles: how to write a term paper in MLA format

There are two academic writing styles currently in use, the APA, and the MLA formats. Typically, MLA is used for the humanities as opposed to the technical or scientific research that requires an APA format. MLA is a standardized format used in colleges and academic settings. MLA, also known as the Modern Language Association style, is also used in documenting literary research, so you will also see it a lot if you are taking an English class. Another advantage of MLA is it is much better on the citation of books, literary works, and non-traditional forms of media are detail.

First, to get it out of the way, MLA has a few ground rules that must be gotten out of the way before we talk about the paper proper:

After the essay itself, of course, a works cited page is needed. The words cited page should list these works alphabetically by last name of the author. The order for what elements in the reference and the specifics of how to display the references is a bit beyond the scope of this article, unfortunately, but a quick search on any search engine will regal you with the proper format for each piece of media. This should be enough to get you started on properly formatting an MLA paper!