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How To Do A Thesis Statement For A Research Paper Without A Hitch

Improve in your research paper.  It takes your topic and predicts how it will be developed by the time you reach the end of your research paper.  Your thesis statement can be a question about the topic but not a question.  If you are confused I will explain it, a thesis is usually a question that you want to answer on your topic but you can’t have a question for your thesis statement.  So you want to write your thesis question down and then turn that into a statement.  Let’s say your topic is on dogs and you want to do research on whether a German Shepard is a better dog than a Jack Russell Terrier.  Your statement would look something like this: German Shepard’s are more obedient and more temperamental than Jack Russell Terriers.  This is one way to write your thesis statement but that is what it is a statement not a question.  

How To Write A Thesis Statement For Your Research Paper