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A guide to research paper citations

The secret of obtaining outstanding results with your research paper writing is knowing the rules and regulations. Of course knowing them and following them are two different things but you can’t put into use what you don’t know about. Learn the rules and regulations.

We are not talking about the basic things such as the choice of topic, writing according to the correct formula, and checking your work at the end with whatever editing is necessary. Here we are talking about a very practical aspect of research paper writing, namely the citation of references. How do you acknowledge the work of others you use in your own research paper writing?

Quotations and verbatim writing from the pen of experts will often form a part of your research paper writing. You will use these words, these quotes from well-known authorities because it will substantiate your argument. You will make a point and then attempt to prove its veracity by calling on the words of someone who knows the subject very well.

But there are definite rules

The amount of material you include in your research paper, whether it is a separate paragraph in its own right, and how it is cited, are all a part and parcel of the regulations. These regulations vary from educational institution to institution. The most popular layout regulations are found in the Modern Language Association guide, the MLA, and in the American Psychological Association, the APA.

The MLA is associated with the humanities and the APA linked to the social sciences. But it does not really matter which area the topic of your research paper falls into, but rather what the instructions from the teacher or tutor are regarding the formula. If they require the layout according to the MLA, then it is the guidelines they stipulate which you must use.

It is quite easy to learn the research paper citations system simply by getting a copy of the guidelines. There are numerous examples of these guidelines online and your college will itself have hard copies in the college library as well as examples on the college website.

How much of the quote you use and where and how you reference or cite this quote will vary according to the specific guidelines. Learn them, apply them and therefore ensure that the work you've done in the research and writing of your research paper hits the correct reference rules.