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Writing an essay for your classmate

Have you ever been approached by a classmate to write an essay? These days, more and more people are turning to their fellow students to help them with their projects. One of the primary drivers of this activity is the fact that students are required to take classes in which they have no interest. They are short on time and need to keep their GPA up. Having to write an essay on a paper that is of no interest to them is a challenge.

You can take advantage of this by providing your services if you are a good writer. There are several risks involved, though. Firstly, if the student fails he or she may provide your name to the professor. Then you would both be found guilty of cheating, and in some colleges this is grounds for expulsions. Make sure you don’t take on the work unless you are sure you can get your fellow student a good grade.

It is a great opportunity to make some extra money on the side. If you are just getting into college you have the best opportunity. Finding a few good clients now will provide you with steady work throughout college. Many people have paid for their entire tuition through this service. If you have the capability, you are going to prosper.

So, what if no one has approached you to provide essays for them? How could you bring the subject up without the risk of getting caught? When approaching another student to provide your services simply explain that you have a friend that does it. Presenting the offer in this way means you won’t even have to offer directly. You can simply mention it casually during conversation. After you say, “I have a friend who charges to write essay papers, and he has a few happy clients,” you will see if anyone is interested.

If they are interested, ask them to give you the details of the assignment. Say that you will “present it to your friend.” The next day, let the student know what “your friend” would charge for the assignment. If the student wants direct access to “your friend,” simply explain that he or she prefers to remain anonymous because he or she is currently enrolled at the same school.

If you can keep up the façade you will completely eliminate any personal risk while experiencing serious financial gain. It might take a little while for “your friend” to get his or her name around, but once everyone knows what’s going on you will become a good source. From there, you will have more work than you know what to do with.

You could also do it as a form of barter. If you are weak on one subject and a fellow classmate can provide the essay, perhaps you can provide essays on subjects in which the classmate is weak.

Keep looking around and you will find plenty of opportunities to write essays for your fellow classmates, putting a little bit of extra money in your pocket.