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Pay Attention to the Introduction of your Research Paper

Writing an introduction for a research paper can be one of the most difficult aspects of creating a great research paper. The length is generally half to three quarters of a page but can be longer if the topic requires it and the writer is willing to produce it. This is the first impression a reader will have of the intellect and intelligence of the author. It is important to spend an ample amount of time constructing an introduction that comes across as both informative and intelligent.

Get to Know your Thesis

The introduction of a research paper will be the first place that the thesis statement of your research paper will be presented. This should be a well written statement which outlines the purpose for writing the paper in the first place. A thesis acts as a guide for both the writer and the reader as to what they will read in this paper. Knowing what issues are going to be incorporated into a paper make reading much easier. The thesis statement is most often found in the last sentence of the first paragraph of the introduction.

Hit the Highlights

During the course of the rest of the introduction, the major points that will be written about should be introduced. This does not have to be an in depth introduction, but it should be an opportunity for the reader to get to know the thoughts of the writer and to form their first impression of them. Most often, ideas are presented in the order that they will appear within the paper, although some variance can be accepted if there is a good reason for it.

Consider Several Options

A writer should not become married to one particular version of their introduction. Often times one form of an introduction will be ineffective or inappropriate for a particular topic. In these cases a writer should construct several options for the introduction. In particular it is a good idea to complete several different ways to start your paper. If there are doubts as to which starter works best, then use a unbiased peer or friend to help you decide. Constructing a great introduction to a research paper is going to present the intelligence and the intellect of the author in a positive light. It will also provide the reader with a road map of the information that is going to be presented within the paper.