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Censorship In China

China is the most populous nation in the world. With over one billion inhabitants, everything that happens there should be important to the rest of the world and information should be freely shared. This is not often the case. The government exercises the right to censor what the citizens can see to an extent as well as what people from the outside world can see of China. Here are some of the things that have created this culture of censorship and the results:

Ancient Civilization

What is currently know as ‘China’ has existed as a nation for centuries. It has also been involved in world wide trade and the creation of important inventions for just as long. Citizens of the country are aware of this proud history and have been encouraged by their government to accept certain restrictions based on that.

Modernization through communism

China was once a monarchy. It was ruled by several different dynasties for centuries until the revolution. This saw ordinary people, students, scholars, farmers and doctors taking to the streets to ensure that people could no longer be oppressed based on their prescribed social status. There was violence initially but eventually the country settled under the leadership of the communist party. This came with several major cultural changes. Foot-binding which had been fashionable for privileged women was outlawed because it made work difficult or impossible. People from the cities were sent to work in the country side. There was even the implementation of the famous ‘one child’ policy which limited the birth rate considerably.

World Leadership

Though some of the methods that were used were considered inhumane, the Chinese government’s plans were at least partially successful. The country is not the most recognized hub of manufacture worldwide and has been responsible for many new innovations in the STEM fields.

Maintenance of Order

With as much as has been done, there has been a very tight control on the liberties of the citizens for the maintenance of order. To some this is a clear violation of human rights. This can be debated with reference to the violations that take place in western countries but there have definitely been cases were better could have been done. This can be observed in the construction of miles of ghost cities where villages once were.

As more Asian countries become players in the world economy the differences in culture will have to be considered in observing the running of governments.