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Annabel Lee Analysis Essay for College

Annabel Lee is poetry completed by renowned writer Edgar Allan Poe.   While the written work is explored by middle school and high school students, research papers for college students aim to investigate the subject matter in deeper detail.  If you had a chance to read or get familiar with the work during an earlier time before college, the concepts may be easier for you to grasp.  You may even have a better idea on how to choose an essay on the topic.

Research papers that analyze Annabel Lee may look to interpret messages and thoughts portrayed by the author.  The work was composed by Poe when his wife passed away.  Fiction writers may have different viewpoints of the poetry than those who exercise other forms of creative writing.  Many notice the poem features a narrative that is fictional or a fictional narrator.  Some feel Poe may be revealing his personal feelings with fictional perspectives. 

Annabel Lee is a unique poem that can be read in its entirety online.  Essay papers on the poetry may try to explain what the purpose of the poem is or why it features certain content.  Some think Poe was mad or not sane.  Others feel he took parts of reality and distorted it by mixing true and false beliefs.  Some essays are focused on breaking down one or two stanzas of the poem.  Meaning, they may mention a few lines and give interpretation based on other research or opinion. 

College essays may look to break down concepts discovered in the poem and connect them to possible people or emotions of Poe.  Other aspects may include trying to connect parts of the poem to love, jealous of others and things the author may or may not want.  Writers who explore the poem may research how other people, such as fans of Poe’s work, interpret the poem.  Maybe what has been said repeatedly about a certain line or stanza becomes the topic or gets incorporated in the thesis. 

The poem itself is interesting to read but learning how others interpret his work can be just as interesting.  Essay papers may look to examine potential opinions thought by Poe while he wrote this piece.  Others may explore what meanings he had in relation to the heavens or other metaphoric concepts.  As a unique creative writing piece, which some feel shows a great deal of imagination; others became suspicious and wondered about his knowledge behind the talent.