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Writing a Literature Review Is Simple

Yes, you read the marquee correctly: “Writing a Literature Review Is Simple”. It’s safe to say that every day we review something around us:

The list goes on and on and sometimes we review them multiple times. There’s honestly nothing that can’t be reviewed. Now, there may be things we shouldn’t review as a matter of taste and being respectful, but it is up for review.

“I’m actually interesting in these things we shouldn’t review…”

Of course you are; we left that part was extremely vague after all. In any case, this article is about literary review. As we went through that very short list of things that we review daily you would notice that “books” are at the top of the list. This wasn’t in order of importance or how much it matters, but book reviews are one of the earliest—if not the earliest—form of literature review we’ve all done.

When you read a book for course and write on the details within and how they relate to the subject at hand and what makes them a useful reference for your assignment before you get into the assignment proper—that’s your literature review.

Performing a Literature Review

As we said before it’s very easy. The main things you will need to do are:

These steps should be done in the brainstorming process before getting into drafting the review. The main goal of the literature review is to take your main research paper or thesis paper and in a way make it legit within pre-existing, respectable literature on the subject.

Since it comes before the proper essay, you could say it’s the trailer or your essay sans reviews, explosions, and top tier actors.

The literature review doesn’t need to be particularly long; it can actually be as short as one or two pages. The main thing is that your essay is made to relate to works within the field or subject. Your review of these respected works will also show your understanding of the foundations of the subject in a way simply by acknowledging their importance.