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Identifying a Great College Paper Writer

Instead of trying to identify another great college paper writer, why not make yourself a great college paper writer instead? You may be intimidated by the writing process but it’s not as hard as you think if you are prepared and if you possess confidence in your abilities. Even if you fail at your first few college writing assignments, understand that successful writers have failed at times and it’s no different from regular college students. The key is to ask your professor for help and to get in as much practice as possible so you can improve as a writer. One good source of help is writing magazines that assist writers in honing their craft.

Read More Each Day

The best writers are readers and while digital media offers good opportunities for reading, the best way to read and be a critical thinker at the same time is by reading books analytically and not just for enjoyment alone. Take a book and then gather a few sheets of paper and pen. As you read the book, highlight key points and then take notes of ideas in the book that stand out the most to you. Pretend that you are trying to learn life lessons from the book and that you are trying to apply those lessons in real life.

Write Outside Your Areas of Interest

Too often writers only focus on their areas of interest and this hinders them from writing excellent work in college, particularly if you have to write essays and research papers for other required courses that fall outside of your field of study. For example, if you’re a political science major, start writing book reviews and essays that are not related to political science so that you can challenge your writing skills more.

Get Honest Feedback

Gather some of your non-coursework related writing and present it to your professor so he can give honest feedback. Many times writers cannot see their own mistakes and if you want to grow as a college paper writer, you have to subject your work to criticism, even if it hurts your ego a little. If the professor says that you come across as preachy and overly sarcastic in your essays, make changes to the essays so that the tone is not abrasive.


Becoming a great college paper writer is difficult at times but if you work hard enough and get help when necessary, you will improve your college writing skills. It’s easy to identify a college paper writer to write your essays and research papers for you but it’s more worthwhile to do it yourself.