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Dissertation Writers Online can Scam You!

It’s no secret – the Internet is full of dirty, deceptive scammers just waiting to take you for everything your worth. That’s why you need the anti-virus software and web search precautions (and why you never talk to anyone on the Internet you don’t know!). When you want a dissertation written in a hurry by an online writer, make sure to look for the following red flags first – these will protect you against falling for a scam!

1. Too Much Required

Here’s an immediate sign that something’s amiss. The writer or writing site – without much decorum, interaction or explanation – is demanding a lot of information from you. Your full name. Your birthday. Your credit card number. Your social security number. The list can go on, but at some point you need to realize that this is too much to ask. All a writer should need from you is information on your dissertation and an email, to start. You should be given a payment choice when it does come down to payment info, such as credit card or paypal. A safety-lock site should also be guaranteed to convey this information. Anything less than this should demand your avoidance.

2. Talking to Robots

Impersonalized, automatic phone calls make us hang up for a reason. Do you want your writer to be the same way? If you’re hiring and individual writer, you should be more than able to talk to them directly. If your hiring form a company, it still shouldn’t make much of a difference. Don’t put up with talking to automated options and selections. Besides, scam sites like to do this so that’s there’s no personal trace when it turns out you’ve been deceived. The more impersonalized the service, the more likely it is to scam you.

3. Too Much Ambiguity

When you employ a professional service, you’re able to read reviews on the service, get it’s history, and learn about it’s processes, right? Well, the same should go for a writer or writing service. Just because the service is rendered online doesn’t mean this should be forgotten or withheld. Beware any sites that refuse to give up information on their past or qualification. Also beware sites that remain suspiciously general in what they do or how qualified they are. The only reason that a site or writer wouldn’t give up their past work experience or other information is because they a) don’t have any, or b) don’t want you to know how poor their record is. Either way, it’s likely to be a scam!