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7 great ideas for a psychology term paper topic

When taking any psychology class, it is often the case that you must do some sort of term paper to show the knowledge you have accumulated over the course of the class. In order to make the kind of impression that you want when you show your teacher your essay, you are going to need some good topics. Here are seven great ideas that are sure to wow any professor.

  1. Why are people irrational? The psychology of irrationality is very relevant to economists, who use it to study why people do not quite make the rational economic choices we think they should. There are many fallacies that we have in our thinking that may have served us well at one time. You should focus on these quirks and talk about where they come from and why they matter.
  2. What makes two people love each other? Love is very complicated, and people fall in love at different rates. It even seems to be different from mere sexual attraction. The Ancient Greeks actually had at least four different words for love, meaning different types of affection. How valid is this line of thought? How many different ways are there to love?
  3. A lot is said in the sciences about rationality, but our brains are quite irrational. Is our rational thinking right from a psychological perspective, and why is this? Is it true that there are right and wrong ways to interpret the world?
  4. Why is 50 Shades of Grey so popular? It is the most popular book in the world right now, yet it portrays an abusive relationship. Is there anything in our brains that is wired for us to be attracted to things like this, and why is it appealing?
  5. Why do people get addicted to things? Does addiction to video games in childhood correlate to addictions to drugs and alcohol, and why should it be this way?
  6. Why are people attracted to some types of people at one point and other types at another? Are we attracted rationally to people? Why is the sex drive so important in humans?
  7. Are there any advantages to Autism and other disorders similar to it, or it just a negative mutation? There is a very large range on the Autism spectrum, and sometimes it produces people with great talent that neurotypical people do not have. Why does it manifest this way, and why are some people with these disorders very intelligent, more than most people?