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The Secret of Writing a 5 Paragraph Essay

Creating a flawless essay requires planning in your subject and structure. A five paragraph essay is a formulaic writing structure used for academics, arguments and research. The structure allows the writer to express their ideas in a clear manner with logical details and organization. By understanding the purpose of the five paragraphs and taking advantage of its structure you can relay your point and do so in a clear manner. Let's go over the importance of each paragraph and how you can incorporate description, comparison and conveyance into your essay.

Embracing the Hook and Thesis

The introduction allows you to establish the subject to your audience and do so with a hook that can spark their interest. You have the ability to establish the subject’s relevance to the reader. By using questions, stories or statistics you can use the hook to first make the reader contemplate your thesis. Throughout the beginning of the essay you'll have to build a thesis statement that links the subject to your own proposition. The thesis is usually placed as the last sentence within the initial paragraph. It is the point of view that you hold toward the topic which is why you need to consider you viewpoint carefully.

Topic Sentences & Supporting Information

Every paragraph within the essay has to have a clear topic which is often within the first paragraph sentence. Although there may be a minor change in language with each paragraph they are each consistent to the writer's idea. It's important to be creative as you are developing these sentences and remain versatile in the different points you're making. The supporting information should be strong and support your topic consistently within the three body paragraphs. Your topic sentence will introduce point you're making and the supporting information is going to supplement the essay with evidence or factual information.

Keep the Conclusion Strong

The introduction is for the purpose of relevance and the conclusion is based on reflection. For some people it can be difficult to reflect on the subject matter and there are ways to make sure that the last paragraph tops off the essay well. Ask yourself what you learned about the topic that you weren't aware of before and include this information. Consider making recommendations, recounting supporting evidence or express a philosophical viewpoint. Remaining strong throughout the essay makes for a promising and influential writing piece.