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Criminal Justice Topics for a Research Paper That Will Make Your Paper Stand Out

Over the last few years, criminal justice has become one of the most popular college majors. Enrollment in the field has increased and more students are studying the topic than ever before. As students begin their criminal justice coursework, they need to be prepared to write research papers in the field. Students who are stuck on topics for criminal justice research papers should consider the following paper ideas. Before selecting a particular topic, students should always read the prompt provided by the teacher. Most professors have specific guidelines for a research paper that must be followed by the student.

Write About the Discipline

One of the easiest research paper topic ideas is about the actual discipline of criminal justice. For these essays, students may write about the history of criminology or how the field expanded over time. Criminal justice and public policy and criminal justice as a social science could also be an interesting essay topic. These types of essays are fine for introduction level classes, but students should find more specific topics for advanced classes. For upper-level courses, consider some of the following ideas:

Although this list of topic ideas is not exhaustive, it can serve as a starting point for students in the criminal justice field. The best essays always use topics that the student is actually interested in. A topic that interests the student will be easier to research and faster to write about.