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Propaganda and Lies in American News Outlets

Propaganda is a form of communication, which is often untrue, that is purposely made with the aim of influencing the thinking as well as the opinion of a community or a group of people. Mostly, those propagating propaganda use news outlets since they know that most people interact with them and in the process they influence opinion of many people. America is a good example of a country that news outlets have been used to spread propaganda and lies in crucial situations, sometimes in an attempt to protect certain famous individuals. This paper will briefly look at how propaganda has been used in America together with the reasons behind this as well as opinion of the public towards the use of propaganda and lies.

For very many years, nearly all news outlets in America have been involved in spreading propaganda and lies. Most news outlets are either owned by organizations or individuals. In most cases, the owners of these news outlets have their own political or social agenda which they intend to pass to the country with the aim of influencing the opinion and attitude of the citizens. This goes on with the knowledge of the senior executives who are totally aware of what the news outlets are doing and it is under their consent that propagandas and lies are spread. These executives are involved in the entire process of news production and since they themselves are biased, they spread propagandas and lies by use of news outlets.

From the numerous use of propaganda in the American news outlets, many citizens have started to question their credibility and reliability. This is because it is the expectation of every person that the news they get from news outlets are credible and true. However, once a person realizes that the news he gets from a particular news outlet are biased, such a person loses trust in that particular news outlet. Many Americans have lost trust in the news outlets for this reason.   

As a result of this lack of trust in news outlets, many people are left wondering whether it is possible to get factual and unbiased information. People are looking forward to a time when the like of CNN and FOX will cease to be the mouthpiece of propagating propaganda and lies. If this happens, the trust of Americans in the media may be restored.