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Is It Reliable to Use Online Essay Writing Assistance?

Online essay writing services are everywhere. These websites promise you better grades from quality papers written from professional writers, thus proposing to make your academic career a lot easier. But with any online service there are a number of questions that come up. And one of the biggest ones you may have considered is “Are online essay writing services reliable?”

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to answer this. And the question of reliability depends largely on how you plan to use writing assistance.

So here are a few things for you to consider before paying for online writing assistance:

There are no guarantees you will get what you paid for.

Writing services will likely sell you on the idea that you will get top-level grades on your paper. But reading the fine print will let you know that you aren’t supposed to actually turn in the paper they provide. Not only are they discouraging cheating with such a warning, but they are also protecting themselves for delivering anything less than top-level grades. Any attempts you make for a revision or refund on work provided may be denied because there is no way to determine what the grade on a paper would be.

You have no idea who is writing your paper.

Writing services claim they hire expert writers to research, write and edit your paper, but the truth is there simply is no way to tell for sure. Some services will let you view their writers’ profiles and view their qualifications but you are still taking a shot in the dark. You still won’t have a chance to interview these writers, nor will you have a chance to verify their expertise. In addition, many times essays sold through these services are taken from a database of thousands of previously used papers that have been collected from the web. In this case, you’ll be receiving a paper that was probably submitted by another student like you.

No money back guarantees.

This is one of the biggest concerns that come to mind when purchasing online essay writing assistance. What happens if you aren’t satisfied or a service doesn’t deliver on its claim? Many of these services are located overseas and make it difficult for you to get a refund. Others don’t have verified payment protection methods. The risks seem too great to take a chance on. You’re better off finding a local writing tutor to review your original work than you are paying for an unverifiable service.

Turning in an essay that isn’t yours is cheating and will get you in a lot of trouble if you are caught. Even copying a few lines of text or paraphrasing without properly citing is considered plagiarism and could lead to a failing grade or even expulsion from your college. So, if you’re considering using online writing assistance then you’re best bet is to stay away from it entirely. If, however, you use it to improve on your own writing then you might benefit from viewing a sample. But you still risk not getting what you expected.