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What to know about writing science research papers

When it comes to writing research papers, different academic disciplines have different requirements. While a literaray research paper usually requires the use of the MLA documentation style as well as several references to literature, a research paper for a science class has decidely different necessities. The entire process of writing a science research paper involves totally different steps than any other curricular area’s paper.

Learn the Organization

The biggest difference between writing a science research paper and any other type of research paper is that most science research papers involve the writer conducting an experiment. If the writer is not directly involved in the experience, he or she will observe the experience. Once the experiment is completed, the writer will record the steps of this experiment for the research paper process. When you write a research paper, you will document all of the steps that were involved in completing the experiment, from the resources that were used, to the hypothesis, all the way to the steps involves and the outcome. This is constructed in a matter-of-fact way that is very different from the typical research papers that are written in language arts courses.

Include Relevant Information

Along with the record of the experiment, science research papers might also include relevant information that helped determine the early hypothesis and the actual experiment itself. Most experiments are not simply conducted in a willy-nilly fashion, but something had to have occurred to bring about the idea of the research experiment. This part of the research paper will include the articles, previous experiments, or other types of data that went into developing the research topics.

Know the Documentation Style

Each academic discipline has its own documentation style. If you are majoring in a scientific topic, you will write many science research papers and they will all require the same documentation style. Many science majors will purchase the handbook/manual that goes with the style that is commonly used at your academic institution. In most cases, the manual will not only include how to properly cite sources, but also how to organize and write a science research paper. Fortunately for students who are studying science, most science research papers are all structured in the same way, with subheadings to guide the way. Once you have written your first research paper for your science class, you will have a much easier time writing the next ones.