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6 Steps of Writing a Life Story Essay

If you’re going to write a great life story essay it’s as simple as following these six steps.

  1. Know the message you want to deliver
  2. Understand the event through which you will deliver that message
  3. Choose events that demonstrate the folly of not understanding that lesson
  4. Use your thesis statement to clearly illustrate the lesson you will share
  5. Share the events that demonstrate what happens when you don’t understand that lesson first
  6. Wrap the whole thing up by showing the event that demonstrates the positive aspects of understanding that lesson.

It really is as easy as that.

Why it is Essential to Know the Lesson You Want to Share, First

If you don’t know what message you want to deliver in your essay you won’t be able to deliver it effectively. Instead your paper will be nothing more than a series of ramblings that don’t provide anything of value to the reader.

If you know what message you want to deliver you can be sure to structure the essay in a way that builds up to the lesson you want to share with your reader.

Understanding the Events that Demonstrate Your Life Story Clearly

If your reader is going to find value in the message delivered in your essay you need to help them find it. You do this by showing them what goes wrong when they don’t understand the lesson you’re about to share. Pick a few events in your life that demonstrate this clearly. You will share those first.

You also need to know which event in your life helps to fully illustrate the value of understanding this lesson. You’ll present it last to sum up everything else you’ve shared in your essay.

Take the lesson you want to deliver and use a clear and concise thesis statement to set the tone for the rest of your paper. Remember to include the thesis statement as the last sentence in the first paragraph of your essay.

As you work through the events in your life that lead up to the defining moment of your essay your readers will begin to understand why it’s so important that they complete the essay. They will know that by reading what you have written that they will walk away with something of value.

If you structure your essay using the tips above you will put together the perfect life story essay.