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Article review example APA - how to use it?

An article review is a great way for people to get the most out of an article without necessarily investing all the time it would take to read it. While this may seem lazy, article reviews are done by students of psychiatry themselves, their professors and sometimes even certain esteemed individuals. Writing them is a common assignment for undergraduate and graduate students to help introduce them to the work of experts in the field of psychiatry. After all, no summary would be possible if the writer didn’t understand the main points, arguments and evidence brought forth.

A popular search on the internet is an example of such an article review example. That’s because, although APA style is helpful, these assignments can often be confusing and heavily scrutinized. If you are able to find an example of an article review online, follow the below steps to make sure you get the most out of it and write the best article review yourself.

Read and Re-Read the Article

First, it’s important that you read the article over several times. Once is not enough for the information you’ll be reading and the level of technicality generally involved. Start off by going through all the opening statements, any heading and opening sentences that arise in each paragraph and the conclusion as well. This will make your first reading of the article easier as you have more to go on.


Next, create your own summary of the article in outline form. Remember this is jus t a rough draft and won’t actually turn into the finished product, so don’t worry about how it immediately appears. Also, keep in mind, these are objective summaries and examples of what the article put forth. You don’t need to insert your opinion yet.


When you have this finished, you may now insert your personal thoughts. Go through all these points and write an outline of your own opinions.

Final Product

Once that’s complete, write your thoughts on the article’s strengths and weaknesses based on the opinions you just expressed. Use specific references and examples from the articles to prove where you think it did well and where it fell short.

The actual writing then becomes simple. Start with an opening paragraph that mentions the article by its formal title. Then objectively summarize the article. Now add your opinions on the strengths and weaknesses of the piece. Finally, write your conclusion. Based on all the facts, what is your final take on the work?