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Writing An APA Format Research Paper: Tips, Tricks, And Samples

APA is one of the most common academic style – and the trickiest one, according to many students. Use the tips below to build your research paper in APA style.




  • Title your bibliography page as “References”.
  • List all your sources in alphabetical order by the last names of their authors.
  • Advanced Tips

  • Use spaces and tabs to trick MS Word Header.
  • In some versions of MS Word, you might not be able to insert a header and upper page number separately – adding one would delete other. If you’ve faced this issue, create the page number first. Before the page number, type the running head. Put your pointer after the last letter, and press “Space” or “Tab” until the header is in the left page corner while staying in a single line with the page number.

  • Create an APA template.
  • After you apply the basic formatting rules, and before you start writing the body of your paper, save the file as “Template”. You can write all subsequent research papers in it so you would not have to format each one manually.