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High School Essay Example on the Dark Knight


Dark Knight Movie is staged in a world where good and evil deeds are not permanent in separation. Notably, the screen writing involves duo of brothers Nolan Jonathan and Christopher. Here, Nolan and Christopher turned to their dark side in their second Batman movie. Batman, believing that he is not the primary savior, the conflicted superhero tries to unravel the protection to the Gotham city, due to its edge teetering. Therefore, this essay reviews how Gotham city is saved from its conflicts based on good and evils.


Apparently, the Gotham city is about to fall in pieces and the only savior present is Batman who again is a problem to a certain extent. Nevertheless, the core role of Batman is how to neuter the city destruction threat, working in the outside system and empowering a new DC’s without his cover blow. Batman is a caped crusader who does not work alone, but equipped with bad guys for support. Further, ordinary city dweller has engaged in the street patrol, and the only mobsters present in town have joined forces in aim to distant the real Batman. Uniquely, it is worth to note that at this point, the newly elected attorney is hard on crimes; fortunately, this is strength to Batman’s struggle.

After Batman’s successful steely-jawed knight approval, it is not easy for him to get superhero stamp because Harvey is clued to his ex. At that point, Bruce had covert nighttime and so, Rachel, his ex made the decision to stay with a man who is not afraid of the spotlight. However, Rachel preference of a non-costumed boyfriend and the presence of local mob did not in anyway worry Batman; therefore, he geared on to his target. In between the movie, there is introduction of villain who seems to be a threat to Batman since he does not play by any rules. In description, the villain has disgusted himself by smears in his flesh to accentuate a smile. With his joking character, he is determined to be a leader of the Gotham underworld. Professionally, a well-organized team including Batman, Gordon who was lieutenant and Harvey are determined to take down the clown before the city becomes a slaughterhouse.


Batman in 2005 does introduce Bale Christian with two roles as Batman and Bruce. Most importantly, the movie Dark Knight cements the perfect choice mandate, and shoulders the lead in Batman film. Consequently, Bale is among the top list of actors who has a duty of a superhero. Besides, he has a tough time in bringing out the human in the superhero situation, because Bruce is not seen as a man with costumed alter-ego. Despite of his bat suit, which allows more movement, his face, which is expensive, is covered in a bat mask. It follows that, the above description reveals his Batman name.

Often, whoever plays a joker position does not get enough respect as he deserves as to the situation with Jack Nicholson in this movie. To curb it all, all the characters in this movie did fit in their place of play perfectly. Supporting actors such as Caine and Freeman attracts one to watch despite of the limited time on onscreen they have. Eckhart slays the dragon, which gives him an opportunity to save both the princess and his city. He is impressive. In conclusion, Dark Knight Movie is a well-staged movie where sequences in action involve motorcycles and cars with trucks that effectively control chaos.