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How the Electric Light Bulb Changed the World

The electric light bulb changed the world in significant ways that continues to have an important effect on how people live their lives today. The light bulb is considered a form of electric light compared to using a candle or lantern when wanting to light up a room. Years ago using natural sources such as candles, firewood, and lanterns were typical ways to provide light in dark areas. Today, there are cities around the world that light up at night because of illumination from the light bulb. Billions of people have come accustom to the light bulb that they could not image life without it.

So much has changed with the light bulb since its existence with Thomas Edison contributing to its development back in the late 1800s. Besides using sunlight, torches and anything that could hold a bright fire or flame would be used for light. When the light bulb was developed it was quickly found in millions of homes around the world. The light bulb brought so many possibilities and new inventions that have changed the way people live over the years. The light bulb is responsible for various types of growth including jobs, products and the economy.

Today, the light bulb is seen in different shapes, sizes, and watts. You can use them for various needs from lighting up a room to decorations for holiday festivities and celebrations. The light bulb has play an important role in the development of various types of products essential for living such as flashlights, headlights for vehicles, and assisting in functioning of various types of medical devices. The bulb is inexpensive with new variations being created to help consumers save on energy costs. Yet, what else does the light bulb have yet to conquer?

Providing light to complete necessary tasks such as reading, cooking, medical procedures, manufacturing and more is a significant contribution to society we take for granted. The history of the light bulb goes back over 100 years and it continues to play an important role in how people live daily. There are controversies and issues in dealing with the design and purpose of the light bulb that continues to unfold. In the end, most people want something that will provide sufficient light energy to help them accomplish necessary tasks. A good form of useful light, besides natural light from the sun, is thanks to the light bulb.