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The Key To Coming Up With Unique Sociology Topics For Your Term Paper

It is fairly simple to fall into the habit of using well-worn topics when writing your papers in sociology. This may never result in poor grades but it is not a good way to shine as a student and should generally be avoided. If you’re unsure of how to accomplish this, try using these three tricks:

Create Hybrid topics

Sociology is the study of how societies work. You can find many other disciplines that border on this including psychology, law, social work and economics. Find ways to integrate aspects of these other fields into your topic and it will stand out. This becomes much easier if you are doing a minor that is in any of the above.

Approach familiar topics from unfamiliar angles

Many topics have a very particular slant when they are usually addressed. Theorists who are very popular may spawn similar theorists who continue their work. Try writing something that appears to disagree completely with anything already in existence that is accepted.

Make reference to recent medical or technological advances

Many of the sociological theories that are well established were created in simpler times when the technology we now find ubiquitous was only a dream. These things have changed the very definition of society in many ways. Similarly, the health care field has changed our way of life. Let your topic reflect this.

Here are some topics that use these concepts:

  1. Does the use of social media help or hinder the spread of destructive social isolation?
  2. Does the use of marketing represent a sort of hidden curriculum for adults?
  3. Will advances in robotics lead to the creation of a permanent mechanical underclass?
  4. Will the creation of artificial intelligence lead to a machine led proletariat revolution?
  5. Can radical feminism provide the answer to discrimination against trans-women?
  6. Has globalization led to the creation of planetary norms and values?
  7. Would the discovery of intelligent aliens life lead to a reduction in discrimination between social classes?
  8. How does society benefit from social stratification?
  9. In what ways does the free online gaming community enjoy a completely meritocratic artificial society?
  10. Has class based discrimination intensified in post-industrial societies?
  11. Is gender based violence an off shoot of the failed education system?
  12. Does poor academic performance in males reflect flaws in their socialisation process?

Let the direction of these topics guide your own.