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Guidelines On How To Write An Essay In A Proper Way

Writing an essay may be a herculean task for you if you don’t know the guidelines for framing your essay and the methods you need to follow in order to draft an excellent essay through proper exposure gained through the writing project. What stands significant in the presentation of your essay is the basic idea around which you have developed or framed the essay. If the idea is wrong or is confusing, the whole essay will turn out to be misleading the readers with no valid point raised through the essay. So the whole effort of writing the essay will turn out to be futile in such a case. Therefore in order to avoid such circumstances, the following approach must be undertaken to develop the essay based on a given topic that is relevant to the field of research and learning:

  1. Thorough research on the essay topic is something that is mandatory prior to drafting of the essay on paper. It is important that you know enough about the say topic and have gather sufficient information to base your arguments on through your research activities.

  2. After you have undertaken your research activities by screening sources through online, libraries, books or journals whichever you find substantial with respect to the essay topic, you must allot some time to sit and analyze the data you have collected through research and gather its significant points or ideas discussed through it to aid you in developing your arguments for the essay.

  3. Upon gathering knowledge on the various ideas reflected on the essay topic by others, you can incorporate your ideas on the essay theme and evaluate them as against the ideas of others reflected in their essay samples. This would require efficient efforts made with regard to brainstorming and idea development for the essay write-up.

  4. Then follows the selection of the ideas you plan to express in your essay writing which are weighed as against all the available options to structure the flow of arguments and ideas in the essay.

  5. Preparing an outline of all the major points to be discussed in your essay will only help you in determining what is the best idea/ argument you have to include and what not to include as per its relevance to the essay topic and its logical arguments/ reasoning.

  6. Once the outline is developed, the introduction, body and conclusion of the essay can be framed accordingly to display your ideas and concepts in an easy to read and clear manner.

  7. Then comes the formatting of the essay developed based on the academic guidelines with respect to academic styles like APA, MLA or Harvard referencing.