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What are the most popular term paper formatting styles?

Students around the world are required to submit research papers and term papers in higher level of education. The professor or instructor at the university demands the students to submit a research paper and it is then graded. Usually the teacher will specify the format for the paper and all students will have to follow it. The most common format used for research and term papers is the MLA style.

Here are all the important parts of MLA research paper format listed in order to help the students in formatting their paper correctly.

The Header:

If you are following the MLA style then you should insert a header on every page. The header includes your name both first and last and page numbers.

The font

The general font for MLA style is the times new roman with a size of 12.

The Margins

All of the pages must have one inch margins in your research paper.

The Headings

When you write the title you must insert a heading that states your roll number, subject/course, your term and other particulars that your teacher might want you to include.

The Title

Do not stylize the title. You should follow the same font for the title and make it centralized. Do not highlight it or write in bold or italics.

Word Spacing

If your paper includes poetry then you may alter spacing but the general rule is including double spacing between all words.

Do not paraphrase the quotes

If you have used a quotation in your work be sure to mention the author and insert inverted commas. Do not write quotes in your own words. If you do not specify the quotes and write it as a continuation of your own words it will be considered plagiarism and you will be accused of stealing someone’s work without his permission. Be very careful while using other peoples quotes and compositions in your paper.

Proper citations and references

This is a must in any research paper term paper or even a thesis. You should include a citation page at the end of your work where you will pen down all the references you have used and cite all the quotes, facts and figures, television records, novels and book titles etc. You should also mention the page number and lines when you cite the sources you have used for collecting your data.