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A Manual On Writing A Term Paper Literature Review

Many an essay or research paper is written about a topic which can be researched through a number of resources. A literature review in the form of a term paper is different. It is an essay of sorts but about a specific piece of writing. Here the student does not necessarily have a wide spread of research material to consider in preparing and writing a term paper.

Their main area of study is the chosen piece of literature whether it is a novel or poem or other piece of literary writing. That being the case the obvious key to the successful writing of the term paper is to develop an intimate knowledge of the work to be studied. Before any planning, research and outline of the term paper can begin, it is essential that you read and re-read the work to be studied. And you will also need to study any comparable reviews which have been published concerning this chosen piece of literature.

In creating this term paper the student will tackle the topic from three points of view.

The format that you choose in creating your term paper will be similar to most essay formats. There will be an introduction in which you explain the reason why you have chosen this piece of literature and the point of view you intend to take throughout your writing. You will explain why are you tackling this piece of literature and what is the approach you will take during the paper.

Then you will come to writing the body or inner parts of the term paper. Here you will list other commentaries which have been provided for this material. You will note the conclusions of other writers including what they had to say about this piece of literature. You will indicate whether the previous reviewers have agreed or disagreed on various aspects of the literature.

And of course the conclusion of your term paper will be a summary of all that has gone before. You will evaluate the position the studied piece of literature such as the genre in which it is found. You will of course include your personal assessment of the peace of literature and what makes it unique in the world of literary reviews.