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Initially, McIntosh was a handcrafted high-end audio system American owned company located in Binghamton in New York. The company was established by Frank McIntosh in 1949. McIntosh Company is famously known for their iconic logo and “McIntosh blue” products, the black glass face boards. Although in recent past McIntosh has been sold to various foreign companies, it has maintained its tradition glass front displays and iconic logo.

History of McIntosh

In 1946 frank, a design advisor for television and broadcast stations employed Gordon Gow to assist him to develop a low alteration, high voltage amplifier required by his clients. The amplifier needed to be 50W-1. The amplifier incorporated Unity Couple Circuit, the first patented circuit of McIntosh which are still used by the present manufacturer. In 1956, Frank moved the company to Two Chamber Street in Binghamton in New York where it is located presently.

In 1962, Frank was joined by Dave O’Brien in the management of the business. Dave led the amplifier laboratories of McIntosh for the next thirty years. Five years later since when Dave joined McIntosh, the company produced loudspeaker division. The McIntosh amplifiers played significant role in 1969, during the Woodstock Music Festival to entertain the audience. This was the significant achievement of Frank as the president of McIntosh Company which made McIntosh amplifiers gain much recognition in the entire nation. In 1977, Frank retired and Dave succeeded him as the company president.

Advancement of McIntosh

In 1990, McIntosh Company was sold to Clarion, a Japanese car audio manufacturer. McIntosh machineries, especially the ancient tube models are even at present highly valued in japan. Since when McIntosh was sold to Clarion, the company has advanced into home theater and car audio systems.

In May 2013, the company was purchased by another Japanese company, D&M holdings. Despites various changes of ownership, McIntosh continued to carry out independent design, manufacturing and engineering functions in respect to the tradition of the economy. However, under D&M holdings management, McIntosh has incorporated and advanced to more sophisticated audio systems.

The current available McIntosh products involves compact disk changer, external DAC and compact disk changer/AM/FM controller. McIntosh features like patented high voltage guard circuitry and quick responding wattmeter differentiate McIntosh products from other manufacturers products. McIntosh incorporates standardized power supplies, balanced inputs and topologies of powerful circuit in every amplifier. This results into high quality sound. McIntosh products are complete with unique black glass front panel display.

Among the vehicles which possess McIntosh audio system involves Subaru outback/legacy models and ford GT 2005-2006.