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10 Fresh Term Paper Topic Ideas: Studying American History

If you are studying American history, there are many topics, themes, eras, and events from which to choose. It can be difficult to narrow down your select. Thankfully, you can review the list below of fresh term paper topics ideas and find one that suits your needs.

If you want to write a fresh term paper on African American history you can pick from the ten topics below:

  1. Write about the abolitionist movement
  2. Write about the economics that slavery produced and how capitalism went hand in hand with the increased slave trade
  3. Review the book “Ain’t I a Woman” and its influence during the 19th and 20th centuries for liberating black women
  4. Write about the African slave trade diaspora which trace the movement of Africans from around the continent of Africa to the new colonies in America
  5. Discuss the revolt led by John Brown
  6. Write about the influence that Robert Smalls had
  7. Discuss Nat Turner and his influential book
  8. Analyze the importance of land ownership for slaves who were freed in the North
  9. Analyze the Scopes Trial in 1925
  10. Write a paper on South Carolina and their stance on slavery and secession

If you prefer to write about the 20th century in American history, you can select from the following topics:

  1. Create a paper that reviews the great crash of the stock market in 1929
  2. Craft a paper that reviews the major events which took place during 1945
  3. Discuss the impact that JFK, the Vietnam War, and Martin Luther King, Jr. had on the outcome of the 1960’s
  4. Discuss the impact that Charles Lindbergh had on the nation
  5. Analyze the impact of the Beat Generation and what characterized them the best
  6. Analyze the minority group The Black Panthers and review their core objectives
  7. Write a paper about the anthracite coal strike which took place during 1902 and demonstrated one of the biggest historical influences that labor had in America
  8. Review the New Deal and how it solved the Great Depression
  9. Review the Chicano Movement and what brought it to light
  10. Review the Family Farm and how it started as the core of the American economy, and over the years has changed into industrialized farms or smaller family farms that is instead divided among family members.