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A List Of Good Research Topic Ideas

Whether you are a high school student or in college, your essay will not succeed without a solid, interesting topic. Below is a list of interesting topics that will help you avoid a more mediocre subject, and hook your reader from the start!

  1. Social Issues – Everyone can relate to a research topic on social issues, because it affects them in one way or another, whether themselves personally, or a friend or family member, or even an acquaintance. Social connections between people make social issues valid and relatable. Some social issue topics you could write about are: Gay Rights, Peer Pressure among Teenagers, Drugs and Alcohol and their Effects, The Factors of Teen Pregnancy, Sex Education in High School and how it affects the Choices Teenagers Make, Body Shaming, Racism, Bullying, or Mental Health.
  2. Details of History that are not Well-Known – Doing some digging, and finding details in history that are not well-known by the general public can always provide an interesting topic for your research paper. This is especially effective if it is an action or choice that would be considered immoral and upsetting in today’s society. Some topics you can consider are: Views of PTSD during Various Wars, The Evolution of Neo-Nazism in America, the Role of African Americans during the Revolutionary War, the On-Going Effects of the Civil Movement, The Role of Women in the Development of Modern Literature, or The Evolution of Women’s Rights.
  3. Psychology Topics – Psychology topics always prove to be interesting, as well as relatable. A simple psychology can delve into deep details about relevant issues in the human psyche, and they are often relatable with people in society. Some examples of a psychology topics are: Sexuality, Adolescent Psyche, Home Life and how it affects Child Development, The Impact and Relevancy of Depression, The Effects of Exposure to Violent Imagery, or A Study of the Validation of Positive Thinking Techniques.
  4. Following Your Own Interests – A research topic is an in-depth, lengthy paper, and writing about a boring topic that you do not relate to will reflect in your writing. Choosing a topic that you are passionate about will also show in your writing, and help improve your paper dramatically. Whether these are social issues, aspects of history, or a field of study you are interested in, such as literature or a science, writing about something that interests you will help keep you focused, and make the experience less painful.