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25 Attention-Grabbing Essay Topics You Should Explore

Do you need an excellent essay topic? Well, we’ve got an outstanding list for you to choose form, so look no further!

  1. Should the world health organization take an active role in promoting the rights of terminally ill patients to die?
  2. Should the torture of potential terrorists be legally allowed worldwide?
  3. Are people losing the ability to craft in a world increasingly mechanized and mass-produced?
  4. Have the Internet and social networks diminished peoples' ability to interact face-to-face and maintain long-term relationships?
  5. As schools and colleges increasingly focus on vocational training, are people losing the ability to think critically and creatively?
  6. Is organised religion required to inculcate a moral and ethical sense in people, or is it innate even in non-adherents and non-theists?
  7. Should copyrights be shortened or lengthened, taking account of how artists are increasingly beholden to large media corporations?
  8. Should rich nations systematically transfer income to poorer nations to help them develop?
  9. Should animals be granted more rights in line with human rights, such as rights to health and safety?
  10. Should governments have the right to divert donations from some charities to others, such as from animal charities to children's charities?
  11. As artificial intelligence starts to surpass the abilities of the majority of people in the majority of activities, how will societies and economies have to adapt? Or should we just ban it?
  12. Should all nations around the world adopt one-child policies to rein in over-population? Should rich people be allowed to buy the right to have another child from poor people?
  13. If people could choose the gender of their children, what would you predict would happen?
  14. Should half of all CEOs be women? Are there non-discriminatory reasons what it might not be?
  15. Should we spend money on the space programme, or must it go to helping the needy first?
  16. When two people both say an apple is red, do they perceive it in the same way? Or is colour just a social construct?
  17. Should prisoners be forced to work to help pay for their incarceration?
  18. Can the private sector solve the problems of global warming, overfishing, or other environmental challenges?
  19. Should teachers be allowed to carry weapons into schools to protect themselves and their students?
  20. Should we allow research into genetic engineering of babies, or should it be outlawed forever?
  21. Should all prospective parents be required to undergo parental training and licensing?
  22. Should children be allowed to vote? Otherwise, how can they stand up for their rights?
  23. Is there such a thing as the good old days?
  24. Should teachers, paramedics, and police be prevented from unionising and striking?
  25. Should all religions be taught at school, leaving children free to choose?